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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a order?

You can place a order by clicking on the product you would like to purchase then click BUY NOW if you want to pay with credit/debit card or other payment methods. All transactions are 100% secure.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA, Mastercard or American Express Credit, Debit or Prepaid cards. Payments are processed by safely and securely with the highest security.


Most of the time your order will be completed within 24 hours or less, each services delivery time varies therefore there is a delivery time on each service. We won't need a shipping address, all orders are services done by our players through legitimate in game playing therefore nothing will be shipped.

Returns & Refunds

There are no returns/refunds. The only way we can possibly refund is if the service didn't work. We are able to do replacements so in the rare occasion if a service went wrong we will redo it or replace it so don't worry.

Would like to ask a question?

If you got any more questions, feel free to message us via the contact page here: contact us.

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