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PSN Trophy Services

Max Level 999 Trophy Service

Trophy Level 999

– 1284 Platinum Trophies

– 6582 Gold Trophies

– 13972 Silver Trophies

– 31480 Bronze Trophies

It will take us 4-5 hours once we start working on your account. It will be done within 0-1 day. You can still play on your account while we work on your order.

Platinum Service 1-1000 Games

This service will add Platinum Trophies to your PlayStation account

From amounts 1-25 you can name the specific games you want the Platinums on. However for amounts 50-1000 it will be random games that get the Platinums. This only works for PS4 Games. The Trophies will show on your profile on ALL platforms like normal

Examples on how the Trophies will look:

50 Platinums Example: Click Here

150 Platinums Example: Click Here

300 Platinums Example: Click Here

500 Platinums Example: Click Here

1000 Platinums Example: Click Here

Delivery: 0-24 Hours

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